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Premium Pond Cleaning

  • Full pond cleaning using one of the Oasis fleet units based on your pond size and structure

  • 2 Filter rinses between sessions for optimal clean

  • No disturbance to aquatic life including fish

  • No harsh chemicals

  • No draining water - maintain natural bio composition of your pond

Starting at: $350.00*

  • Spring Cleaning
    It's finally spring and you can start getting your pond looking its best! ​ For the first cleaning of pond in the spring, Oasis will ensure all the winter gunk buildup is cleaned out and your pond is ready to enjoy. ​ Additional cost of $50 - $100 based on pond size.
  • Winterizing
    When closing down your pond for the season, trust Oasis to take great care of your pond. ​ We'll ensure your pond is prepared for the winter season. ​ Additional cost of $100 - $200 & materials based on pond size.
  • Additional Filter Rinses
    For ponds that are especially grimy, we can provide additional filter rinses and Oasis cleaning sessions. Cost varies based on pond size: $100.00 - $200.00

*Each Oasis cleaning starts at the base price. The total cost of a cleaning will be determined by a Site Survey. The Site Survey costs $40 and will determine the pond's total gallons and site conditions.  We use these figures to calculate pond turn over rate, and the appropriate unit for cleaning. The cost of the site survey will be included in the total price of the cleaning.

Each Oasis pond cleaning comes with two (2) filter rinses. Additional filter cleanings can be added for additional charge. 







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