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The Oasis Fleet

Oasis Silver Organic Cleaner

The Oasis Silver Organic Cleaner is the top of the line unit in the Oasis Cleaning System's fleet. Built with aluminum, the entire system is rust proof. It has 9 filters that organically strain out the algae, debris and anything else that doesn't belong in your pond. 

Blasting out 7300 gallons per hour, the Oasis Silver will have your pond clean in no time, and wont require harmful water changes or ANY chemicals or fish removal.

The whip hose attachments stir up debris that has settled to the bottom of your pond, to ensure a sparkling clean pond. 

Oasis Black Organic Cleaner

The Oasis Black Organic Cleaner is the first developed unit in the Oasis Cleaning Fleet. Great bang for your buck, its simple design packs a powerful punch to clean even the dirtiest of ponds. 

Ideal for small to medium ponds, the Oasis Black cycles and filters 4280 gallons per hour and can be operated by one person. It also contains 8 organic filters to ensure a beautifully clean pond without the use of harsh chemicals.

Oasis MAX Organic Cleaner

The Oasis MAX Organic Cleaner is the largest unit in the Oasis Fleet. This unit can tackle any sized pond, no matter how dirty. 

Filtering 10,000 gallons per hour, the Oasis MAX is designed to tackle the toughest ponds, organically.

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