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Introducing the Oasis H20 Cleaning System

Revolutionize the way you clean your ponds or water features!

Ponds and water features are delicate ecosystems. Whether your pond has fish, or not, it requires careful and special care. There is a better way to clean and maintain your water features with the Oasis Organic H2O Cleaning System than the traditional chemical pond cleaning. Five things to know about the Oasis system:

1. Using chemicals to clean your pond can harm your plant life and fish. Your pond can be cleaned organically, meaning without the use of chemicals. Your ponds’ delicate ecosystem will not be affected when it is cleaned with the revolutionary Oasis Organic H2O Cleaning Systems.

2. The Oasis system is touch free, fast, and cost effective.

3. The patent pending Oasis system requires no new tap water to be introduced into the pond, which can cause unwanted temperature changes. Likewise, the Oasis Organic H2O Cleaning System does not require removal of any fish in the pond because no water has to be drained or added to the pond.

4. When the Oasis has completed its calculated cycle, the water is crystal clear and beautiful. The Oasis is an all-in-one system that pulls in the bad water, pushes it through a series of filters, then releases it through the bottom facing powerful actuators.

5. Traditional pond cleaning can be very expensive, with consultations alone costing over $100. The Oasis will save you money, so you can always enjoy your beautiful ponds.

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