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3 Things to Know When Getting Your Pond Professionally Cleaned

Do you have a pond, have recently put in a new pond or purchased a property that has a water feature? The cleaning and maintenance of such water features can sometimes feel daunting. Before getting your pond or water feature professionally cleaned, make sure to research companies and their cleaning methods. To help, here are some things to know before deciding who to work with.

1. If you are draining your pond, any aquatic life will need to be carefully removed. Be sure that any professional pond cleaners mention their plan of care for your fish and any other creatures that reside in your pond. They will also need special care to reacclimate to the new water of the pond.

2. Some algae are healthy for the ecosystem of your pond. Some pond cleaners use harsh chemicals to clean out all algae growth. You want your pond to maintain its delicate ecosystem so be sure to discuss with your cleaners what chemicals, if any, are safe for your pond.

3. There is a new way to clean your pond that doesn’t require draining your pond, removal of your aquatic life or use of any harsh chemicals. The new Oasis H20 Cleaning System works to clean out the gunk of your pond with special filters and leave the delicate

Check Out the Oasis at Work:

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